Elysium Massage

Kelly & Tom Cavanaugh, Massage Therapists

Massage Experiences

Take your session to the next level.

Massage Experiences take multiple add-ons and/or techniques and combine them into a unique 90 minute session that will leave you saying "ahhhh".

Deep Impact

Have lots of issues in those tissues? Our Deep Impact Massage Experience features cupping to your trouble areas during a Synergy Stone massage with CBD** massage lotion and hot towels. Perfect for child days in the Midwest or for athletes resting their muscles and recovering from an event. This session will leave you feeling like jelly. Available with Tom only.

90 minutes $120.00

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On My Feet All Day

A favorite among moms, hair stylists, those who spend a lot of time off their fee and those who just love extra attention to their feet. This session features hot towels, a foot scrub (sugar vs salt will depend on skin integrity and season), a warm Eco-fin* treatment with extra time given to each foot, and a deeply moisturizing massage cream. It's like Feet Nirvana.

90 minutes $120.00

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Warm Me Up

A wonderful relaxing experience on chilly days or for those with muscle aches and pains due to overuse so it's great for those with labor intensive jobs/hobbies. This session features the heat of our unique handcrafted solid stoneware Synergy Stones, a warm Eco-fin* hand treatment, warm booties on the feet, deeply moisturizing cream and hot towels. Available with Tom only.

90 minutes 120.00

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Eco-fin is a natural, plant based alternative to paraffin. Scents currently available: Purity (unscented), Happy (Raspberry & Grapefruit), Peppermint, Retreat (Coconut & Pineapple)

  • Natural: No paraffin, petroleum, synthetic fragrances, or dyes
  • Plant-Based: Made with shea butter, jojoba, sustainably farmed palm oil, and essential oils
  • Sanitary: Pre-measured, single use cubes in individual liners within a warmed mitt or bootie.


We use hemp-derived CBD (cannabidiol) that has less than 0.3 THC which is legal throughout the United States under the 2018 Farm Bill. CBD can interact with the human endocannabinoid system (ECS)and has a non-intoxicating effect on the body. The ECS is linked to immunity, sleep, mood, and much more and plays a significant role in holistic health.