Elysium Massage

Kelly & Tom Cavanaugh, Massage Therapists

Oncology Massage

Each bodywork session is customized to meet the special needs of those affected by cancer. 


*Ease depression and anxiety

*Reduce post-surgical swelling

*Soften scar tissue

*Alleviate/reduce treatment side effects & pain

*Improve sleep

*Increase sense of well-being and choice

Adjustments and considerations are made for:

*Medications & Medical Devices

*Side Effects of Treatment & Medications

*Bone Metastases & Vital Organ Involvement

*Radiation/Surgery sites

*Lymphedema/risk of lymphedema

*Appropriateness of pressure, pace, placement and length of session

Oncology Services


Scar Therapy

Energy Therapy

Manual Lymph Drainage

30 minutes - $45.00     60 minutes $80.00

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