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Kelly & Tom Cavanaugh, Massage Therapists

All sessions are customized to each client, their medical considerations and bodywork goals.

30 minute sessions are great on targeted trouble areas such as the shoulders & neck or the legs & feet but are NOT sufficient for addressing the entire body.

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Swedish Massage

30 min - $45     60 min - $80     90 min - $120

Do you need some "Me Time"? For those seeking a soothing time to unwind and relax, this massage session features light to medium pressure* to relieve tension, soothe tired and achy muscles and promote relaxation. Suitable for expectant mothers. Includes hot towels and essential oil blend/CBD spot treatment.

*Pressure preference and appropriateness will be discussed before your session and we'll check in with you during the session.

Deep Tissue/Sports

30 min - $45     60 min - $80     90 min - $120

The preferred service of athletes and those with more complicated issues, Deep Tissue/Sports Massage incorporates firm to deep pressure massage, compression and trigger point therapy to access tissues deep under the surface of the skin. Includes hot towels and essential oil blend/CBD spot treatment. Available with Tom only - he's our expert.

*Deeper is NOT always better. Firm/deep pressure is given at the discretion of the therapist.

Synergy Stone Massage

30 min - $45     60 min - $80     90 min - $120

Handcrafted from natural solid stoneware, our unique Synergy Stones hold heat longer and more evenly than traditional water heated hot stones so more time is spent on your massage. The heat radiates through the skin to the muscles and fascia to give a healing yet calming effect over the body. Includes hot towels and essential oil blend/CBD spot treatment. Available with Tom only.

 - Heat may not be suitable for individuals with certain health conditions such as low blood pressure, diabetes or pregnancy - talk with your therapist.

Cupping Therapy

30 min - $45     60 min - $80     90 min - $120

We like to call this massage in reverse. A wonderful stand alone treatment (30 minutes) or an excellent addition to any massage (60-90 minutes), cupping utilizes negative pressure to lift and separate the tissue to reduce scar tissue, release adhesions without deep pressure, drain lymph, and so much more. Need deeper work but don't like the "discomfort", this is for you! Includes hot towels and essential oil blend/CBD spot treatment.

Energy Therapy (Reiki)

30 min - $45     60 min - $80

Need to disconnect from a world of stress and reconnect with your inner self? This blend of Reiki* and Native American Energy Healing* will leave you feeling uplifted, recharged, relaxed, and promotes the body's own healing. Begins with brief mediation and you will be gently reminded to breath deeply throughout the session. May incorporate a weighted blanket, healing stones and aromatherapy. Available with Kelly only.

*While Reiki is traditionally hands off, Native American Energy Healing is hands on - your session will be a combination of both. Reiki, a traditional Japanese healing technique (hands off), channels energy to activate the natural healing processes of the body and restore physical and emotional well-being. Native American Energy Healing is an ancient wellness method drawing on the same innate wisdom and positive energy of the universe to bring the receiver balance.

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