Scent-sational Summer Specials

75 minute Swedish massage session with complimentary add ons - $75.00 each*



Lavender Fields Special  Decadent Relaxation, and it's not just for the moms.

Enjoy the scent most commonly associated with relaxation throughout your session with a Lavender Ecofin Hand & Foot treatment and Lavender Lemon back scrub

$75.00 ($100.00 Value)


Grapefruit Squeeze  Celebrate the month of the summer solstice with extended care for your feet.

Take care of those feet with an invigorating Grapefruit Sugar Scrub and Grapefruit Ecofin Foot treatment.

$75.00 ($100.00 Value)


Lemonade Splash  Quench the thirst of those dry hands!

Your hands will receive some extra care with a Lemon Sugar Scrub and Lemon Ecofin Hand treatment.

$75.00 ($100.00 Value)


Orange Dreamsicle  Float away with massage!

Your back...usually what bothers you most?  Pamper it this month with a Orange Back Scrub and Nourishing European Mud.

$75.00 ($100.00 Value)

May 15 thru Sept 15

Pineapple Coconut Staycation  Staying home this summer?  Treat yourself to a vacation on our table.

Take out some time for you with a session including Luxurious Coconut Cream and a Retreat (Pineapple & Coconut scented) Ecofin Treatment to your hands and feet.

$75.00 ($100.00 Value)


Specials and discounts may not be combined. (Example: Summer Specials may not be combined with a Senior Discount.)

Wellness Plans may not be used towards Specials.

We ask for at least 2 hours notice when booking any Scent-sational Summer Special so that we may prepare for your visit.

$75.00 ($100.00 Value)

Body Sense Magazine

Enjoy this complimentary digital issue of Body Sense magazine:

In this issue, you will find 10 stretches to complement your massage therapy regimen; author Til Luchau reminds clients how to truly relax on the massage table; and author Shel Pink shares her wisdom on the importance of slowing down. We are excited to add this helpful quarterly magazine to our newsletters. We will be happy to discuss any of the information you find inside at your next appointment.